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Progenetix Pages and Forms

Cancer Types


Variant and Positional Fields


Biological and Metadata

Age (at diagnosis)

age query image Here one (or two, for a range - see image) age values can be specified using an ISO8601 period expression (e.g. P3Y6M or P365D - not including time elements) prefixed by the age indicator, a : separator and one of the comparators (=, <=, >=, <, >).

  • age:>=P18Y,age:<=P65Y
  • age:<P1Y6M


Technical Fields

Response Limit and Skip Pages

This functionality allows e.g. the limited retrieval of a subset of samples from large or general cancer types, or the "paging" through consecutive sample groups for partitioned data retrieval.

The Response Limit (API parameter limit) sets the maximum number of returned samples, to change it from the internal default of 20001. Typical use cases here are the speeding-up of data visualization by selecting a smaller subset (e.g. 200) for large expected returns, or the successive paging through large result sets.

With Skip Pages (API parameter skip) - in combinations with a Response Limit - one can retrieve different parts of a large response; e.g. skip=2 with limit=100 will return samples 201-300.


Data Visualization

The [Data Visualization] button opens a new page where samples matched by the query can be visualized for their aggregated and individual CNV profiles. This includes creation & clustering of subsets (e.g. by shared PMID, NCIT code ...) as well as the visualization of clustered CNV sample plots. Optios include the selection of individual chromosomes and the addition of labels (e.g. for selected genes or custom markers).

Ontology Services

Please see the Services & API page for more information.

  1. Values may change.