Implementing alphanumeric filters

Age queries as first use case for comparator queries

age query image While the Beacon v2 API has in principle support for an alphanumeric filter type so far in bycon there had been no dedicated support. With yesterday's v1.0.49 update the library now supports such queries, implemented & tested specifically for age ( diagnosis) values.

Here one (or two, for a range - see image) age values can be specified using an ISO8601 period expression (e.g. P3Y6M or P365D - not including time elements) prefixed by the ageAtDiagnosis1 indicator, a : separator and one of the comparators (=, <=, >=, <, >).


  • ageAtDiagnosis:>=P18Y,ageAtDiagnosis:<=P65Y
  • ageAtDiagnosis:<P1Y6M

  1. Changed 2023-09-20 from "age" to "ageAtDiagnosis"